Frequently Asked Questions

Is each home at La Paloma del Mar private?

Yes! The nice thing about La Paloma del Mar is that it is spread out over 1.35 acres, approximately the size of 8 “normal” lots in the guard gated community Las Conchas. So if you are renting just one home, or a few homes, you will have as much or more privacy as a regular Las Conchas home. In addition, all of our homes have a direct path to the beach without having to go through any other property.  (all properties are no smoking and no pets )  View our siteplan and floorplans here.

Is the tennis court or anything else shared?

If you have rented the entire La Paloma del Mar beachfront estate, all of the amenities are yours alone. If you are occupying the main house Casa Joya, the volleyball and putting green are for your use only. All other amenities are shared and available to other La Paloma guests. These shared amenities include: tennis court, basketball court, kayaks.

What is the Las Conchas beach like?

Our Las Conchas beach is over 5 miles long and often feels like your very own secluded paradise. Walk it until your heart’s content!

Our Sea of Cortez has a good 8 month swimming season from April to November. Kayaking, fishing and beach walks are possible all year long.

Rocky Point has extreme tide swings (of up to 18 feet!) between an extreme high tide and an extreme low tide. So depending on the time of the month and/or moon phase, you can go from a very sandy beach at high tide and back to fascinating tide pools at low tide. Kids and adults can be entertained for hours! The tide swings back and forth every 6 hours, which keeps our beaches very clean.

Because of the reef, rocks and tide pools, we have what many find to be more interesting beach than a pure sandy beach for observing nature, snorkeling or “tide pooling” So it can be great for swimming or treasure hunts depending on the time of the day, or the time of the month.

The beaches of Las Conchas also get flatter and more sandy the further you head east and ends at a gorgeous estuary...about 4 miles from our La Paloma del Mar. A great spot for fishing, hiking, a picnic or meditating !

Check out a tide chart by clicking here.

Should I bring drinking water?

All of our homes have GOOD quality filtered water.  So, no need to bring drinking water unless you have your own favorite brand!

Does every bedroom have a private bathroom?

Many (9 bedrooms) of the La Paloma bedrooms have their own bathrooms. There are a few (4 bedrooms) that do not have a bathroom in the bedroom, but the bathroom is right outside the bedroom door. In Casa Cabaña, the #3 bedroom shares a bathroom with bedroom #4. Please refer to our floorplans below to view the layout of each home for planning purposes.

Is there Wi-Fi and phone service?

Yes! We provide free WiFi service at La Paloma del Mar and in Casa Mia. There is a Mexico phone line at Casa Joya (main beach house).  These Mexico phone lines can be used to make or receive toll free calls from the USA.

Is there a washer and dryer?

Yes, and you're welcome to use them. Casa Joya, Casa Cabaña and Casa Mia all have their own well equipped laundry rooms. If renting just a guest home from us, we do have other laundry facilities on the grounds of La Paloma del Mar. Our staff can assist you with your laundry for a small fee. Please contact us to make arrangements with us before your arrival.

Can I invite 75 of my closest friends over?

No. We are located in the beautiful and quiet Las Conchas neighborhood and we go to great lengths to respect our neighbors. All of our vacation rentals in Las Conchas are subject to strict noise and occupancy rules. Over occupancy, noise or any activity that could disrupt neighbors is strictly prohibited. We love our neighbors and hope that they will love you too! Our maximum occupancy is 35 people for the entire La Paloma del Mar Estate (40 if including Casa Mia). We do allow small events on the property (see below)

Do you allow weddings?

Yes, we do allow small weddings of up to 50 persons at La Paloma del Mar (37 guests may reside at La Paloma, or 42 if the reservation includes the adjoining Casa Mia). There is an event fee of $1,000 for the event, plus the rent for the 3 night minimum. If you have a larger wedding planned, our neighbor’s property is set up for weddings of up to 80 persons and we often host the family/friends for accommodations right next door !

Do you offer maid service?

Yes, and most of our guests take advantage of it. Unlike a hotel, this is not a "leave the room" scenario -- the team will work quickly and quietly around you and your guests if you are home during the service. These services will include light housekeeping, sweeping and mopping. We do not wash dishes or make beds, however these services are available as an optional paid service. We will replace towels upon request and sheets will be changed if your stay is longer than 3 days. If you prefer NOT to have service, that is OK too... just let us know your preference.

How to we get there?

Puerto Peñasco is an easy 4 hour drive from Phoenix or Tucson (6 hours from San Diego) through the most scenic Sonoran desert you will ever see! (you will pass right through the Organ Pipe National Monument).

Phoenix Sky Harbor is the closest U.S.A. International airport where you can rent a car, or get picked up at the Airport by a reliable shuttle service. “Head Out to Rocky Point” Shuttle is one that we would recommend for “curb to curb” service right to our front door in Rocky Point ! If you do not want to drive your own car (or have a larger crowd) there are rental car companies that will rent you a car or van to take into Mexico. Click here for our recommended shuttle service or here to rent a car.

What happens when we arrive?

Upon check-in time, you may go directly to the property. The property will be ready for you to enter with your own keyless door code, which is the last 4 digits of the cell phone of the person who made the reservation. Simply enter your code, and turn the knob.

What is provided?

Here is an overview of what we provide for your stay:

  • Bath towels, hand towels and washcloths
  • Bath soap, hand soap, laundry Soap, liquid dish soap and dishwasher soap
  • Iron & Ironing Board in our large homes and upon request in the guest homes
  • Kitchen towels, dish rags, dish scrubbers, trash bags
  • Cleaning rags, mop, broom & dustpan
  • Paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex
  • Fully stocked kitchen with dinnerware, cookware, glass and plastic glassware, electric skillet,toaster, cutting boards, blender, microwave, knife set (baking sheets and casserole pans in large homes with oven)
  • All houses have drip coffee makers (Mr. Coffee) coffee filters, coffee grinder, NOTE: Casa Joya main house ALSO has a BUNN Commercial 2 pot coffee maker with filters in addition to a regular Mr. Coffee drip coffee maker.
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Filtered water in all homes.
  • Also, filtered ice in Casa Joya, Casa Cabaña, Casa Mia.
  • Kayaks, paddles, boogie boards
  • Volleyball court for rentals including Casa Joya (bring your own volleyball)
  • Private Tennis Court, (bring your own rackets and balls)
  • Basketball Court (on the tennis court - bring your own basketballs)
  • Charcoal BBQ Grill with Utensils - bring your own charcoal
  • Bluetooth Speaker system in each home

See our Amenities and Services page for more information

What should I bring?

Here is a list of things you might want to bring:

  • Beach towels, beach chairs, umbrella, water shoes, sunglasses, hat
  • Sunscreen, Insect repellent (not usually needed, but good idea to have available)
  • Snorkel gear, paddle board
  • Bluetooth speaker or boombox for your outside music
  • Charcoal for BBQ Seasonings, foil, napkins, baggies, saran wrap
  • Volleyball, basketball, tennis racquets, tennis balls

Which restaurants should we try?

There are numerous great restaurants and catering services in Puerto Peñasco. We would suggest viewing our customized Google Map for our favorite Dining, Shopping & Services. Make sure you click on the “legend” button that is in the upper and/or lower left hand corner of the google map.

Can we have food catered?

We have some excellent choices for cooks and catering... from in-house cooking, to catered meals delivered to your door, or even a taco stand set up on your beachfront deck! We can provide you with the phone numbers of local caterers and cooks, or if your Spanish is not that good (?), we can help you coordinate for your entire stay for a $50 fee.

Can we bring food to Mexico? Are there good grocery stores?

Rocky Point has all types of shopping options, from small grocery stores to large super markets, butcher shops and a Sam’s Club. We would suggest viewing our customized Google Map for the grocery store options. Make sure you click on the “legend” button that is in the upper and / or lower left hand corner of our customized google map. Note: Mexico has rules about bringing some meats and vegetables across the border, although most food “staple items” (cereals, snacks, dairy, canned items, etc) are Ok to bring across.

What if I need to cancel?

We do not return rental deposits, so make sure you are good with your date and vacation plans. In the event that you need to cancel, let us know as early as possible and we will do our best to re-rent the property for you. If we can re-rent your dates, we will return all your rent deposits less a 15% cancellation fee.

Is it illegal to bring guns into Mexico?

YES, IT IS ILLEGAL! No firearms or ammunition is allowed whatsoever!

How much alcohol and seafood can we bring back to the U.S.?

You are allowed to bring back one liter of alcohol per person and fifty pounds of seafood per vehicle.

What about buying prescription medicine in Mexico?

If you have purchased medication in Mexico which requires a prescription in the U.S. you must carry the prescription with you.

What if we have car trouble on the Mexican highway?

Angeles Verdes (Green Angels) help motorists in distress. They drive green and white pickup trucks.

Do we need to exchange dollars for pesos in Rocky Point?

No, U.S. dollars are welcome everywhere.

Can we use credit cards?

Yes, some hotels, restaurants and businesses accept credit cards. We suggest notifying your credit card company that you will be using your card in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. But cash is accepted everywhere.

Is it safe to drink the water?

All of our properties all have filtered water. Most restaurants and hotels serve bottled water.

Do our cell phones work in Rocky Point?

Some cell phones do work down there. You might need to add an International Calling feature on some services. Check with your cell phone provider.

Do I need a visa or a passport?

As of June 1, 2009 passports are required. You may also want to look into the “New” Passport Card. Only $45.00. For more info go to

Is there anything that we missed?

If there is anything that we have missed, please feel free to contact us!

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